🫧 5 Bubbly Bobble Filled Knitting Patterns

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💡 Knitspiration

🟠 5 Bubbly bobble filled knitting patterns

This week we've been talking a lot about bobbles and other more advanced knitting stitches.

They're a great way to add texture to your fabric and add some fun as well.

So here are some examples of patterns that use bobbles to great effect.

Wych Elm Cowl by Bridget Pupillo

Why we love it: This little cowl has some big texture. It incorporates everything from cables to broken rib stitches, and more. Plus the bobble tree motifs are adorable!

Vår Socks by Fiber Tales

Why we love it: We've never seen anything like these gorgeous socks. The use of expertly placed bobbles create a beautiful band of flowers that are to die for.

Summer Throwback Baby Blanket by Margaret Stauffacher

Why we love it: Not all bobble patterns need to be complicated. This lovely baby blanket is perfect for practicing your bobble knitting skills.

Minna Wrap by Kathy Zimmerman

Why we love it: Big, bold, and beautiful, this wrap is epic. From the wavy cables to the macramé fringe, this project is great for ambitious knitters.

Magnolia Bloom by Camilla Vad

Why we love it: This sweater is both cozy and delicate at the same time. The sweeping lace yoke is perfectly accented with bobble everywhere.

But what do you think?

Which of these patterns are you eager to cast on?

Hit reply and share!

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📆 Daily Stitch

Bubble Stitch

This stitch uses a different method of creating a bobble like texture in the fabric.

There's no increasing or decreasing, but rather a clever stitch called a knit 4 below.

It essentially scrunches up the fabric creating those tiny bubbles throughout.

🧶 Pattern Pick

Bubble Beanie Hat by Kristen McDonnell

This fun fluffy hat uses the bubble bobble stitch above.

It's simple to knit and tons of fun.

And you won't have to worry about your needles popping these bubbles.

Plus it's 100% FREE!

😂 Knits & Giggles

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